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Is A Lift Chair Right For You? Three Signs That May Indicate The Need For Additional Support In Your Recliner

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Lift chairs have been around for a while now, and many people are aware of their abilities in easing the entry and exit of a chair for those more restricted in their movement. However, if you are still unsure of whether you personally need one or not, it can be a bit of a confusing prospect. Do you really need to spend extra money on a chair or can you simply make do? Here are three signs that are obvious hints that you should get a lift chair to help you moving forward. 

Do You Use A Walker Or Other Walking Aid?

If you use a walker, walking stick or any other type of walking apparatus, then that is usually more than enough of a sign that a lift chair would help you. Not only is standing and sitting the time where you are most off-balance but if you use a walker, then it is made far harder. A lift chair can be raised so that it can be sat in while you are virtually still standing and then lowered. This makes the transition far less risky, which it should be when you are just trying to get into your favourite seat. 

Do You Have Vertigo Or Other Medical Conditions That Can Affect Your Balance?

If you have a condition which has affected your balance in the past, then now is not the time to be complacent about it. It is okay to need help, most people will as they get older, and if anything, it is a sign that you have achieved great success in life to make it this far. Now it is time to let modern inventions and comforts help you be secure well into the future. Often, your doctor will suggest that you consider a lift chair long before you think about it. If this happens, take it seriously. Doctors constantly see the result of people overestimating their balance, and it can be quite painful.

Have You Had Surgery Or Other Medical Procedures Recently?

As you get older, your body takes a lot longer to heal from even routine medical surgery. Even something as minor as visiting the physiotherapist can take you a few hours to get over. In many cases, your medical professional will advise you to be as relaxed and careful as you can. A lift chair ensures that you are still comfortable while also able to enter and exit your chair without requiring help from family or assistants. In any case, it is never a bad thing to have additional help if you need it, and a lift chair provides a nice safety net that you might very well need one day.