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Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a New Furniture Design

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New furniture gives a room an updated look while offering more comfort and even more storage! Today's furniture designs range from oversized, traditional pieces to sleek and modern items, as well as pieces designed with certain room spaces in mind. To ensure you opt for the best items when you're in the market for new furniture, note a few mistakes to avoid along the way.

Leave Room for Traffic

Oversized furniture is quite comfortable and especially for those with a taller or larger frame. However, it's vital that you still leave room around your furniture pieces for walking! Measure your room and then the furniture pieces you might choose and ensure that there is still a few feet or meters of space between items, between a bed and an adjacent wall and so on.

It's also essential to measure the depth of drawers and doors on cabinets and dressers and ensure that they won't block a doorway or bump into a wall or other furniture when opened. You'll also want to avoid tall furniture that will scrape a ceiling when in place. Avoid buying any larger pieces without measuring every part of your room first!

Remember Your Home's Wall Colour

Putting a beige chair against a beige wall might make that furniture piece virtually disappear. Instead, opt for furniture pieces with a bit of colour so that they stand out from the wall.

If a room's walls are painted a strong colour such as blue or yellow, note that putting a piece of furniture with similar upholstery in front of that wall might result in a clash of colours. Opt for furniture in a shade that stands out from the walls or that is in the same colour family, but which complements your home's wall colours. If a bedroom is painted blue, for example, choose a chair in a soft grey shade or even a stark white. Your furniture will then create some visual interest rather than disappearing or conflicting with those colours.

Note How It's Cleaned

If you have children or pets, be careful of delicate upholstery that requires specialty shampoos or cleaning methods! Some wood species might also require certain soaps or cleansers, making it expensive or cumbersome to clean your new wood furniture. Whatever your choice for new furniture pieces, be sure you've checked for how well it withstands dirt and stains and choose pieces that are easy and manageable to clean.

For more information, check out your local furniture design store.