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Why Custom Wardrobes Beat Pre-Made Ones for Small Bedrooms

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Small bedrooms are notoriously difficult to decorate and furnish. With the limited space, it's hard to fit in all the furniture you need, let alone any extras you might like. The situation is made extra complicated by the fact that bedroom essentials like beds, drawers and wardrobes tend to be large and bulky.

It's common to try and get around the space issue by choosing undersized furniture. That may be a way to fit in everything you need, but you lose out on functionality. With wardrobes, your best option is to get one custom built, so you can get just what you need from it. Here are the ways a custom wardrobe can complement your small bedroom.

There's less wasted space

If you buy a pre-made wardrobe, it's unlikely to fit precisely into the space where you want it to go. That means there will be some space on either side, which isn't much of a big deal in large rooms, but as much space as possible should be used wisely in a small bedroom.

A custom wardrobe will be designed and built to fit neatly into position, so there's no space left over unless it's intentional.

It fits into those awkward corners

Rooms aren't always a perfect square or rectangle, and there can be some unusual spaces and corners. In a small room, these corners and odd angles can be great places to fit furniture in, but you won't manage it with a ready-made wardrobe.

Custom designs can make clever use of whatever space you have available, no matter how unusual a shape it is. They can even fit around windows, using part of the wall that's not normally available for furniture.

You can use more vertical space

In pretty much any room, there's a lot of vertical space that goes unused. When you're kitting out a small bedroom, thinking upward can be a valuable way to increase your storage capabilities.

Having your wardrobe designed with double hanging sections lets you store double the clothes without filling more horizontal space. You can get a much taller wardrobe if you have it custom designed instead of going for whatever is already available.

You can make sure all the details are suitable for a small space

It's not just the overall size and shape that can be custom designed. Thinking carefully about each element of your wardrobe helps ensure it works well in your small room.

Get the shelves, drawers and hanging spaces just right, and you'll have plenty of storage for everything you own. Choose sliding doors instead of hinged ones, and you'll avoid creating an obstruction. Custom design lets you fine-tune your wardrobe so it's all benefits and no extra problems.