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Café Furniture: Considerations for Selecting Ideal Chairs

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There are diverse furniture manufacturers and suppliers, so selecting the ideal chairs for your café can be a daunting experience. The right pieces will create the desired ambience in your commercial space and complement the interior décor. In addition, the seats will give you prolonged service life, mitigating the need for regular maintenance and repair. Here are the main aspects that you should consider when purchasing the perfect café chairs.

Type of Material

The materials in the furniture market are diverse, so there are numerous choices to evaluate before making a decision. You should note that the selected material will affect long-term durability, comfort, maintenance requirements and value. Wood is one of the popular materials in the restaurant industry because it creates a warm and comfortable ambience. Moreover, the surfaces are always warm, so your guests will be comfortable. Unfortunately, wooden chairs are vulnerable to moisture and are not suitable for long-term outdoor usage.

Metals are also suitable for fabrication of café chairs for both indoor and outdoor usage. These are resilient, hardwearing and resistant to mechanical damage, so they can withstand heavy usage in busy commercial premises. Aluminium is ideal for exposed outdoor applications because it is not vulnerable to rain. Steel should be galvanised to prevent the formation of rust on the surfaces. You will probably need to invest in cushions to enhance comfort. It is also prudent to consider wicker and plastic café chairs for your business.

Commercial Grade

If you are not experienced in furniture selection, the individual pieces might seem homogenous. However, the resilience of different chairs can be completely different, even when the external appearance is the same. Therefore, it is important to choose specially fabricated commercial grade chairs for your café. These are designed with stronger joinery that can withstand constant, heavy usage.

The finish should also be industrial grade so that it can withstand harsh commercial cleaners. In addition, a commercial grade café chair will be included in the product liability claims. In simple terms, if you have a residential grade chair in your café and a customer is injured after its breakage, your business will be solely liable for the legal and financial repercussions.

Impact on Floor

You should select chairs that will not cause accelerated degradation of your floors. If the chair glides generate extensive friction, your tile, concrete and wood floors will sustain scratches, chips and crapes. Ideally, you should seek for guidance from your supplier depending on your floor type. The least damaging chair glides to consider include nylon, nickel and plastic.