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Why Choose Teak Furniture for Your Outdoor Space?

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Teak furniture is probably some of the most expensive on the market, but it's still a popular choice for outdoor spaces. Many homeowners find that teak patio furniture is worth the investment and, despite the cost, it often sells briskly, even at teak furniture stores, like The Teak Place. If you're in the market for new patio furniture or pieces for your deck or sunroom, note a few reasons why teak is such a best seller and why you might consider this material for your own patio or deck.


All woods have a type of oil inside them to keep them hydrated and healthy; these oils are what create sap from maple trees and tea tree oil that can be used as a skin moisturizer, to name two examples. However, most trees contain only a small amount of these types of oils and they often dry up once the tree is cut and milled. 

Teak, however, has an abundance of natural oils that don't tend to dry as easily even after the wood is processed. This makes it more weather-resistant than other types of wood. That oil will keep the wood soft and flexible and protect it from dry rot, warping, rotting, chipping, and other common problems with other types of wood furniture.


Along with natural oils, teak has a certain type of rubber inside that protects the wood and makes it very durable. When you buy teak furniture, you can expect it to outlast furniture made from other types of wood even without adding extra sealants and coatings to it every year as you would need to do with other pieces. The durability of teak also means that it's less likely to show chipping, fading, scratches, and other damage that you might see after years of using outdoor furniture made from oak and other common woods.

Easy maintenance

Along with being durable, teak is easy to maintain. It usually only needs a simple cleaning; baking soda and water is enough to clean a stain from teak. You rarely need to paint over teak to cover stains or discolorations as it doesn't easily absorb materials that would stain the wood. As the wood ages, it typically turns a soft silvery grey color that many people find to be very enjoyable, so rather than paint over aged teak, they allow the natural color to shine through. This allows you to purchase furniture that you can enjoy for years without having to repaint it as it fades, as you would typically need to do with other types of hardwoods.