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3 Camping Essentials For the Gourmet Food Lover

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A camping holiday by the beach is as Australian as kangaroos and footie. However, for lovers of fine food, a camping trip may fill them with dread. The prospect of a week or two of burnt sausages and reheated tins of baked beans may be enough to put them off the idea of camping altogether. So here are three camping essentials for the gourmet food lover in your family to help them cope or at least want to come.

1. A barbeque oven

Barbeque ovens, such a Weber barbeque, are the ideal barbeque for gourmet food lovers, both at home on the deck or when you go camping. Not only can you barbeque on them, you can also roast, steam, and smoke your meals. This is perfect for cooking up freshly caught fish or locally sourced produce.

Barbeque ovens are perfect for camping because, unlike many other barbeques, they're very easy to transport. The barbeque can be easily removed from the stand, and the external parts, such as handles, fold down so that it will fit compactly into the boot of your car. It's worth taking a spare gas bottle with you so that you don't run out of gas, especially if you're in a remote location with no shops nearby.

2. A portable fridge

A gourmet food lover won't be content to exist on dried or tinned food for the duration of your camping trip. A portable fridge will mean that all of their gourmet staples will stay as fresh as they would be if they were stored in the fridge at home.

Portable fridges come in various sizes and can be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter to charge. They can also be powered by small, portable solar panels. If buying a portable fridge is too expensive, then it's possible to hire them from camping stores for the duration of your camping trip.

3. A deluxe picnic set

The foodie in your family may detest the idea of eating from plastic plates with tin cutlery. The solution to this is to take a deluxe picnic set which will contain all the essential crockery and cutlery, plus some luxurious extras.

Along with plates, bowls, knives, forks, and spoons, a deluxe picnic set will often include wine glasses and a corkscrew. This will be perfect for enjoying a delicious glass of local wine with your freshly caught and smoked fish.

Camping holidays and bad food don't have to be synonymous. With these three pieces of camping equipment, it's possible to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing the finer things in life. So visit a camping equipment and supply store, like Outdoor Living, and purchase some of these supplies to entice your gourmet food lover out camping.